Welcome to BalletPlaces! We assume that since you are visiting this page, you’d like to know more what exactly is BalletPlaces and why we do what we do.

What is (are) BalletPlaces?

BalletPlaces is a website where pre-professional, professional and ex ballet dancers can find the information about all ballet classes, shops, contests and auditions in the area.

Whether you’re auditioning for a ballet company, travelling, or quit professional ballet but still want to stay in shape – we give you a map of all the places related to professional ballet.

You will find information about the best open ballet classes in the location you’re currently at. Just check the price, schedule and pop in, we’ll only show places that do not require special registration or long-term commitment.

Missing leotard or shoes for the class? Worry no more, we will also include (step by step) the best ballet shops in the area, so not only you can get what you need to do the classes, but you can bring home pretty nice souvenir (perhaps the leotard from the local brand?). And discounts of course.

Auditioning? Let’s be honest, it’s not quite clear to many of us where’s Kiel, Leeds, Poznan, Lausanne or Varna. But one glimpse on the map and you already know what’s going on in your area, or whether booking a flight to Europe makes sense if there are more than 10 auditions?

You arrived few days before the audition? Sure, it’s nice to do some sightseeing, but would be also nice to take one or two classes to maintaing your shape, right? That’s what we want to provide on our map, so you can check what open classes are around and plan your auditions-journey accordingly.

In the future we will want to also provide you with the information about the teachers that offer private classes and competitions, just to take all that burden off your shoulders – because we understand that this art form already requires a lot of sacrifice and we would like to be able to take some of that weight.

Can you help? Yes, you can indeed!

We’re just getting started so the number of studios and overall information we have is very limited, and here’s exactly where we could use your help: if you know of any professional level open ballet classes, in your area or somewhere you visited, that is not on the map – please click here and let us know, so that we can add it for everyone to enjoy.

Are you a ballet company / thearte and running an audition? Please submit the information about it too, we’ll put it on the map right away!

Thank you for visiting BalletPlaces.com, we really hope you’ll find it useful, and if you have any suggestions or comments on what we can add or how we can improve it, give us a shout!

Best wishes!

BalletPlaces Team

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